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    Configuring Home Devices To Be Cyber Secure

    The convenience of technology in our homes can come at a cost if we’re not careful. The media likes to scare the public with threats of hackers but it’s not as horrible as they make it sound. It is true that at one point or another, your information was stolen already from another company you trusted it with, but that is besides the point. Most of the time you are not a large enough target for a cyber attacker to…

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  • Lifestyle

    Too Much Self-Help

    There exists a large quantity of self-help material in our world. I recently was reading and listening to several blogs, podcasts and books when it dawned on me that maybe this…

  • Lifestyle

    Love Your Work Desk

    Whether you work in a public location, at home or in an a traditional office, odds are you’ll want a space that is relaxing and productive. There is no one way…

  • DIY

    Try Try Again

    So I recently had a project suffer a huge setback. It started with me coming across some uniquely-shaped concrete pavers. I thought it would be an excellent project to start learning…

  • DIY

    Drywall Ceiling Medium Sized Hole Repair

    Have you ever had a serious “Oh crap” moment in the middle of a project that was moving so smoothly?  How about this, I was cutting holes in the ceiling for…