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    Love Your Work Desk

    Whether you work in a public location, at home or in an a traditional office, odds are you’ll want a space that is relaxing and productive. There is no one way to do work that is the best. There always pros and cons to, like all things in life. I believe there is still a right and wrong way to work regardless of locale. There is a happy medium between a relaxing and productive that will inspire you to accomplish…

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  • DIY

    Try Try Again

    So I recently had a project suffer a huge setback. It started with me coming across some uniquely-shaped concrete pavers. I thought it would be an excellent project to start learning…

  • DIY

    Drywall Ceiling Medium Sized Hole Repair

    Have you ever had a serious “Oh crap” moment in the middle of a project that was moving so smoothly?  How about this, I was cutting holes in the ceiling for…

  • DIY

    Scrap Wood Cabinet Drawers

    In the never-ending process of changing my maker space, I created some wood cabinet drawers out of scrap pieces. Drawers with wooden slides are significantly less expensive than using metal slides.…

  • DIY

    Shop Remodeling

    I am still not happy with the storage and space in my little workshop so most my time has been spent rearranging and building storage. Organization and efficiency are two things…