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    Scrap Wood Cabinet Drawers

    In the never-ending process of changing my maker space, I created some wood cabinet drawers out of scrap pieces. Drawers with wooden slides are significantly less expensive than using metal slides. I had some space under my workbench that I used as storage. for miscellaneous stuff like a toolbox and books. I decided the space would be better utilized if it I built drawers into it. I had already built this style of drawers on the right side and originally…

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  • DIY

    Shop Remodeling

    I am still not happy with the storage and space in my little workshop so most my time has been spent rearranging and building storage. Organization and efficiency are two things…

  • Lifestyle

    Window Shopping

    Window shopping is a fun way to control your budget (assuming you are steadfast and know you are only browsing). My amazon wish list is extremely long and if money wasn’t…

  • Record Display

    Vinyl and Business Card Display

    I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a build. Now that I am collecting vinyl, I wanted a way to display one on my desk. Most displays of vinyls I…

  • Lifestyle

    Favorite Things From August

    Before moving forward, we all accept that materialism isn’t good, right? Good. With that said, sometimes we want to brag about things that we think are awesome. These three items are…